At Create-AR we help organisations construct their own digital apps.

Offering unique, patented Augmented Reality in a bespoke format, this limitless technology is sure to add value to your business or brand.

Create have developed a range of bespoke AR software that combines modelling, animation, product presentation and training, which takes your brand to a whole new level. Present your products and services in an exciting new format.

It's time to make Augmented Reality part
of your digital campaign!

Fly your own AR Drone safely in your own environment!


At Create-AR we only build bespoke applications. Some brands want to support sales and traffic-driving, some to educate their consumer, some to create great PR stories and some to show off the function of a particular product. All can be powerfully delivered using Create-AR augmented reality apps.

Create-AR can drive social media campaigns and be seamlessly integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Assets, programming, publications, packaging and merchandise associated can be enhanced and improved using Augmented Reality and any POS within any store can also become an AR installation to show interactive 3D animations or video presentations.

Using AR in this way ensures content can be continually refreshed So the consumer receives your most relevant and up to date stories about products, marketing and promotions.

Develop your AR apps with create-AR's cutting edge software, demonstrating brand new features to help generate outstanding AR.

  • Patent Pending Markerless-AR
  • Patent Pending Video-AR
  • Collision-AR
  • GestureControl-AR
  • Motion-AR
  • E-Pet-AR
  • Remote-AR
  • Panoramic-AR
  • Visual-AR
  • Promo-AR

Our Promo-AR app has been
specifically created with print
publications and promotions
in mind to arouse interest in
the written word and
increase potential sales.

The promo-AR also provides a
great communication tool for
advertisers - including for the first
time the front page of any
publication - an advertisers dream
ticket! With our 3D technology you
you can activate your static pages with
digital experiences and this brings
a whole new level of engagement
as well as creating a viable means
to generate additional revenues.

We are the leader in developing bespoke augmented reality apps. We will enable you to engage with your customers for longer. Attract, retain and engage with customers through an immersive experience.

By allowing us to bring the static world to life, whether at home, in-store or on the go, we will enable you to communicate with your audience in a far more meaningful way that will doubtless leave them wanting more! And of course, the images can continually be refreshed.

Create-AR has a proven track
record developing innovative
digital solutions within the field of
Augmented Reality.

AR can bring your content to life,
literally! It is a rapidly developing
channel for mobile advertising and
entertainment, with increasing use
also from educational establishments
seeking exciting new ways for pupils
to interact with their data.

Develop your AR apps with
Create-AR's cutting edge
software, demonstrating brand
new features to help generate
outstanding AR.

The Sentence Cafe

Serving up unrivalled recipes for learning that hit the spot for developing writers – it’s gourmet grammar with drive-through simplicity!

Our child-friendly, teacher-friendly programme gets right to the heart of the skill of writing. Grammar and sentence construction can be such a struggle for many learners and a barrier to their development as writers. The sentence Cafe's no-nonsense, 'sticky learning' approach to grammar and sentence construction ensures that children quickly commit fundamental principles to memory.

The Sentence Cafe provides a safe and exciting environment for children to learn about the world and make real progress as developing writers. We know that children learn best when they are having fun so a rich mix of high quality reading and games is used for maximum impact.

The Sentence Cafe comprises two distinct elements:

The teacher Resource is a classroom based tool which supports the National Curriculum to deliver outstanding results in Literacy.

The Mission On Children's App runs in tandem with the Teacher Resource, reinforcing the learning that takes place in the classroom and is aimed at 5 - 11 year olds.

For more information visit
or contact them directly at


Bebunni has been an exciting and rewarding partnership between Create-AR and Bebunni to develop their initial Bebunni AR experience.

The forward thinking Bebunni brand
wanted to engage with their target audience in a bespoke, digitised format to ensure maximum impact. Imagine how we can elevate your brand to the next level!


Create-AR , the innovators of bespoke augmented reality applications, have again developed a first in the world of Augmented Reality, the F-Boot-AR.

Using their amazing app technology, you can now see how a virtual boot or shoe will actually come into view on your foot, before you buy!

This amazing application is a must for any retailer of boots, shoes and any other type of footwear.

Main features and benefits of
using F-BOOT-AR:

360 degree rotating view of the boot,
which you can flip and turn to see all

Can't make it to the store, but need to
know how it looks? Not a problem
using the F-BOOT-AR app. Simply overlay
the shoe of your choice onto your foot
and take a peek. Still not sure? Take a
picture and send to a friend!

The app can show the selected boot in
an array of colour combinations whilst
on your foot.

See a promotional video of the football
boot and other products within the

Complete the sale by being directed
to an e-commerce website.

Data capture, plus analysis,
push - notifications and a
comprehensive Content Management
System are all available.

Olly the Little White Van

Fans can now engage with the pre-school
character in a new way with the fantastic
Augmented Reality app based on the
pre-school series, Olly the Little White Van.

The new app enables iPad and iPhone
users to take Olly into their world, driving the
nation's favourite white van into bedrooms,
schools or even the street where they live.

The idea behind the app can be likened to a
virtual remote control, enabling kids to take
Olly into real-life destinations in an engaging
and entertaining way.


Free Flight Mission
Target Practice Mission
Landing Mission
Defence Mission

Enjoy the unique experience of flying the Helicopt-AR in your own environment with video capture to playback and share your flight event. You can resize your heli using the onscreen + and - buttons and the rocket launcher allows your missile to explode on contact with real-world objects.

Practice Mission
Test your skills by accurately shooting at the multiple bulls-eye targets. Take out one and another one appears to challenge you. Luckily for the not so skilled pilot there is unlimited ammunition available.

Landing Mission
This is a test of dexterity, perseverance and accuracy. Take-off from a landing pad placed anywhere in your own surroundings. Fly through a series of hoops and successfully arrive back on the original landing pad.

Defence Mission
How long can you stay airborne whilst under fire from multiple ground based missile launchers and hostile helis coming at you from all directions?

The name of this game is survival!
Build your score against the clock
and see how long you can stay alive.

Helicopt-AR - Seeing is believing! Create-AR take
virtual flights to a whole new level. 'This audacious new app
has a level of detail, accuracy and game-play to match any
of the physical models out there at the moment. It 's an
all-weather, indoors and out, unbreakable toy!'


This technology is available right now, and as a company we can offer a bespoke positioning to unlock the limitless possibilities that modern day tools, applications and Augmented Reality can offer. From the simplest app to the most complex multi-channel AR platform, Create-AR can offer the right solution to release the potential and add value to your business.

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